In its short existence, the Apple iPad has already proven to be a "game changer" in the world of augmentative communication.

Thousands of apps are now available for use on the iPad (as well as other tablet devices) that provide a voice for users who have difficulty speaking.

The apps, like the popular Proloquo2Go, "speak" words or messages that are paired with symbols laid out on the screen surface in a grid format.

However, users who have limited vision and/or muscle movement may have trouble targeting specific points on the surface, and inadvertently touch other symbols nearby.

Keyguards can assist users as they point to the symbol or word of choice by guiding their finger.

CSIU keyguards are made by students for students.

Created by students with special needs who attend the CSIU's Work Foundations+ facility, the keyguards are manufactured using tools and machinery typically found in an industrial arts program.

From receiving the order to drilling holes, sanding edges and packaging for shipment, students process keyguard orders from start to finish.

For more information about the keyguards,
Lee Ann Follmer at | 570-523-1155 ext. 2801
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download the Order Form (which can be filled out electronically and then printed, or printed and then filled out by hand).

CSIU keyguards for iPad